What word can courage you and warm you heart?

These God’s word gave me great courage and warmed my heart greatly once when I was passive and weak. It lets me know no matter what difficulties I encounter, as long as I don’t give up my faith, as long as I pursue the truth, one day God’s smiling face will appear to me. From my later experience I began to know that God companies us all the time, but in that miserable and perplexed days, I couldn’t see Him, I had no faith in Him, so I was passive and weak. Today the more God’d word I read, the more positive I am. God’s word is the truth, it tells me how to see through and solve the difficulties I encounter, everything is in God’s hand, I should believe God, rely on Him and look up to Him. I like reading God’s word, they give me strength and let me know what is normal humanity and how to live out a meaningful life. It brings light to my heart and life. Thank God! All the glory be to Alimghty God!

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