Who Is He That Has Returned?

As a christian, we all know that the Lord will come again in the last time. On the return of the Lord Jesus, we have many notions and imaginations, hoping the Lord will return as He said “As I will go, so will I come.” and imagining He will catch us up in the air to meet Him when He comes. But we also know that the prophecies are always being fulfilled beyond man’s imaginations, because how they’re being fulfilled are determined by God not us. Thus, how the Lord will return in the last time and how can we know who is He that has returned? This need us to seek. Now God has returned and expressed many word, revealed all the mysteries. This movie is a debate on how to be a wise virgin to recognize the Voice of the Bridegroom. Maybe you can learn something you never knew before.

Jin Yinglu was a devout pastor in Korean religious world. He thirsted for the truth and expected the return of the Lord Jesus all along. One day in 2013, he came across the words expressed by Almighty God in Chosun Ilbo, and immediately his heart was deeply touched by those words which are full of authority and power. In order to ascertain whether Almighty God is his long-expected Savior Jesus, he began to seek and investigate the work and word of Almighty God. … As one doubt after another was solved, Jin Yinglu was so excited and fell on his face: Almighty God is the Lord Jesus who has returned in the last days; He has long quietly come among man and done the work of “judgment beginning with the house of God”!

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