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Your article reminds me of a musical drama — Xiaozhen’s Story. Xiaozhen was a simple, kind-hearted Christian. She treated all her friends with a sincere heart. However, faced with interests, her good old friends turned into enemies. After the tragic encounter, Xiaozhen was forced to abandon her sincere heart and the principle of conducting herself. She betrayed her conscience and soul and associated with the evil world. … Day by day, she became more and more fallen. Trampled by this evil world, she was badly hurt. Just when she came to a dead end and sank into utter despair, the sincere calling of Almighty God finally awakened her heart and spirit… There are still many people living in this world with a mask on like Xiao Zhen. Being trapped in the mud of endless misery, have you ever thought to break free from such a life? Xiaozhen’s Story — awakening your heart and spirit, let you know what is true life.

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