Call for applications:
International Doctoral Consortium: “Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Sustainability” SDU-EIS 2017

  • Dates: October 5–6, 2017
  • Place: SDU MCI Innovation Lab at University of Southern Denmark, Sønderborg Campus.

The doctoral consortium will have an intensive writing workshop supplemented by lectures and a panel to discuss the challenges Ph.D projects have in common. It is organized to cover the topics of Entrepreneurship and Innovation management for Sustainability.

Both, conference and consortium, address issues related to entrepreneurship and innovation for sustainability, favouring the exchange between theory and practice that helps to identify implications for business and management researchers and practitioners.

As a reference, the tentative list of topics of interest is:

  • New venture creation, entrepreneurhsip processes and the entrepreneurial opportunity. In general, but also in particular the case of hybrid organizations with blended values, and studies that take into account gender perspectives.
  • Emergence dynamics in entrepreneurship and innovation, venture and industry perspectives. Are there implications for sustainability?
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation in specific contexts: Smart Cities for sustainability
  • Exploring digital technology entrepreneurship, unlocking the interface between recombinant innovation, science,engineering and digital entrepreneurship?
  • In general, models for sustainable innovation & entreprenuership, what is different?

The invited senior scholars share different research perspectives on the suggested topics:

  • Prof. Gry Agnete Alsos (Nord Business School, Bodø, Norway).
  • Prof. Alexander Brem (FAU University, Nürnberg, Germany).
  • Prof. Kim Klyver (University of Southern Denmark).
  • Prof. Steffen Korsgaard (University of Southern Denmark).
  • Prof. Jay Mitra (University of Essex, UK).
  • Prof. Ursula Weisenfeld (Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany).

The ambition is that the doctoral students and young scholars participating in the consortium can benefit from being exposed to the confluence of perspectives and research streams that are defining this research field. Further, the doctoral consortium aims to improve the quality of the papers and to advance writing skills.

VENUE: The consortium will be held at the SDU Mads Clausen Institute (MCI) Innovation Lab at University of Southern Denmark (SDU), Sønderborg Campus. The SDU MCI Innovation Lab, run by SDU Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation, is a new space aimed to facilitate and accelerate the creativity and innovation processes.

SPONSOR: The consortium is organized with the support of the Society for the Advancement of Management Studies (SAMS).

The consortium is part of the research events related to the 2nd 100% Climate Neutrality Conference in Sønderborg, the 4th in the series of annual conferences co-organized by SDU and Flensburg University on the topic. The conference attracts researchers and industry managers from Southern Denmark and Northern Germany.

- A working paper (can be part of the dissertation/thesis), and a CV of the applicant shall be sent to (word format), no later than June 18th, 2017.
- The working paper (no more than 40 pages, double-spaced, including tables, figures and references) should include the title of the paper, the name of the PhD student and the thesis supervisor, their affiliation(s), and the full address of the PhD candidate applicant.
- In the e-mail subject, please specify “Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Sustainability”.

PARTICIPANT SELECTION CRITERIA: The organizing committee will give preference to submissions that convince in terms of a clearly defined research design as well as preliminary findings from field research and/or any type of engaged scholarship. The selection criteria include: the fit with the consortium topic focus and the scientific excellence or potential of the research.

Accepted participants will be informed by July 1st, 2017. No further comments will be provided.

Review/Peer review of accepted working papers: PhD students/young scholars will discuss their research paper with peers and senior scholars in small groups. The aim is to improve the quality of their papers and their writing skills. All members of a group will be asked to read the respective papers beforehand.

Doctoral Consortium FEES:
There is a 150 € consortium participation fee (this includes registration fee, lunches, coffee breaks and conference materials). If you need financial support, please contact the organizers.

Note: For attending the main conference on 100% Climate Neutrality you will need to register separately (see: Attendance of the 100% Climate Neutrality Conference is optional for the doctoral consortium participants.

- Deadline for submission of working papers: June 18th.
- Confirmation of accepted working papers: July 1st
- End of registration: August 15th
- PhD Consortium sessions: October 5–6th, 2017


The Organizing Committee

Prof. Silke Tegtmeier, Ferran Giones, Frederik Gottlieb

SDU Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Sønderborg airport, direct flights from Copenhagen (alternative nearby airports: Billund (DK), Hamburg (GE)).
Recommended hotel (10 min walking to SDU): Comwell Hotel, Sønderborg

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