7 Tips To Choose The Right Warehousing In Nigeria

With your purpose, the specifications of the warehouse or industrial space which you need to have also change. You might need a warehouse for manufacturing, storage or distribution. Each building you consider may have its pros and cons. So, you should be aware of what kind of warehouse you actually need. Find out other things which you need to pay attention while looking for a warehouse.


The cost of energy matters, and that’s why don’t forget to know the per square foot energy cost for the occupied place, and also know the Energy Star Rating so you can talk about the energy efficiency improvements. Make sure the landlord is willing to conduct a commercial energy assessment if they haven’t done it.

Floor Strength

Here is becomes important to figure out if the floor can withstand the weight of goods you’re going to unload or the machines you’re going to use. Know the strength of the floor accordingly before signing the lease.

Ceiling Heights

One of the most important things, the height of the ceiling can create troubles if is not appropriate. And also remember, the higher the stack racks, the more likely they are to fall down. By noticing the height of the ceiling, you can make a good setting to keep your goods safe and secure in the warehouse.

Parking Lot And Accessibility

This thing if missing can render much trouble. Parking lot is very essential for the delivery vehicles. They can stand in the parking lot when not needed. Parking lot should be well-maintained and easily accessible. As the easy accessibility of it will save you a good amount of time.

Major repairs

Many landlords get many major damages in the warehouse repaired instead of the replacement. And because the repairs are temporary, they might come off in the near future. In this case, you may have to be liable to fix all those damages occurring again. So, to save yourself from paying for these damages, you should discuss all the major repairs with the landlord.

Electricity Capability

Before sighing the lease, you must know whether the electricity for your facility is adequate or not. Find out if the meter or the breaker panel indicates the sufficient power. You won’t like to be underpowered or burst off your transformer with high power.

Square footage

What many landlords do they increase the size of their buildings by including the area under the drip lines and charge for that part of area as a leasable area. You should pay only for the usable square footage, which can, without an argument, include the wall thickness.


So, you can get benefits from the above-mentioned tips. These tips will help you choose the right kind of warehouse, with the proper flooring and electricity supply.

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