New Landing — New game coming

Hey Guys,

Sorry for being away a few weeks but we have been planning the new ventures and keeping an eye in the withdrawal process to be sure that everything was working ok.

Finally, after a lot of meetings, Whatsapp's chats, hangouts calls we decided to launch our next game about the NFL. If everything goes as planned, we are launching 3 tournaments during the season and one tournament during the playoffs.

The landing page has been released today. Have a look!

There are 4 different tickets (ERC 721 tokens)as each ticket depends on the tournament you decide to play. You can play all of them :)

We learned a lot from our past experience and listened to our users. We are reducing the commission fee and the entry price will be lower. We are also trying to add some features that will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

Games are quite simple and fun to play. All the information is on the whitepaper but to resume and make it easier:

  • Tournaments will be 3 weeks long
  • Predict the winner (or draw) of some of the matches (between 15 to 25)
  • Predict if the total number of points goes higher/lower than XX
  • Predict a couple of stats as bonus points
Ticket type depending on the tournament

The first tournament starts on November 1st on Week 9. The token sale will start probably by October 10th.

Hope you will enjoy this new game. And please, send us your feedback and any suggestion to make this game as awesome as possible.

To contact us:

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