Work as a “mechanic”???? Bro!
Gurleen Sethi

I’m not sure why you consider a mechanic to be some kind of insult. I’m just using it as an example of the difference between the theory and the practice. Some people design programming languages and compilers, others apply those programming languages to develop operating systems, others develop complex applications for corporate banks, others develop static web pages for small businesses.

In the same way, mechanic engineers design turbines, F1 engines, specific machines for the industrial sector, some mechanics work for Ferrari, fixing F1 engines on the fly, others fix Toyotas from latest years (some have between 2 and 5 computers inside), some fix old Camaros. I don’t see any shame on that.

What is a shame is that you have to spend time in courses learning about compilers when you just want to develop Single Page Apps with React or Angular which you could learn in 1–2 years at most or a Spring Boot Rest API which you can learn in 2–3 years at most.

A one-size-fits-all CS program is a wasted of resources, and 3–9 months bootcamps are probably a scam.