The nature of the human beings

I often get amazed how people are loosing their chance to be here. Looking all around the social media you will find a prove that most of your friends are constantly fighting their inner voices. There is a very small amount of general motivation for human actions and one of them is fear. The biggest fear of all is however the fear of not being remembered well before the dead. There is a constant rage of looking for a role, for hiding inner suffering and for being accepted. It is funny how stupid it is if you think this way: you have one and only chance to be. Worthy to spend this chance for a position, a job, an opinion, money? Think twice.

I found is as a complete nonsense. You here, now, have a chance to discover a nature of human being and the purpose of reality, but you rather prefer to have a nice car and be cool between the small amount of people in your area.

I don’t want to tell you I am different, I am this complete idiot too. But there are several things in my life that influenced me to seek an answer for all those never answered questions. I have been suffering for a depression for a long time, I still am. I have opportunity to listen to the lectures from Alan Watts, Sadhguru and Buddhists. I am lucky enough to live in the Internet era and understand spoken English. I also have an experience of expanded consciousness while meditating. Finally — I am the human as you are.

From these reasons I would like to start a series of blog posts, that will let me express the thoughts that I feel in charge of sharing with other people. To keep your attention before I will finish the first article after this intro, please now think about this very question: where is your world happening? It is not outside of you, the picture and feelings that you experience are inside you. Let’s welcome you — the creator of everything that is happening in this moment.

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