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Why I’m excited to become CEO of Clearpath

I am the son of Cuban immigrants who came to the U.S. in search of freedom, opportunity and the “American dream.”

For this reason, immigration has always been an issue I have been personally passionate about. My deep desire to help afford others this same opportunity is what drove me to serve in the White House under two American presidents. It is what led me to become a social entrepreneur — building businesses and organizations that seek to change the world.

And this is why I’m excited to become the CEO of Clearpath, a venture-backed tech company dedicated to empower immigrants.

I’m the son of Cuban immigrants to the U.S. in search of freedom, opportunity and the “American dream.”

In January 2013, I joined Clearpath after leaving the White House because I wanted to be a part of something transformative. At Clearpath, we seek to democratize the immigration process by making it easier, more affordable and secure for individual immigrants to file their own immigration applications. We were founded by a great team of immigration experts and technologists, including three of the former heads of the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Service. For the last year, I have had the privilege to spearhead our business and partnership development efforts. From interacting with partners, stakeholders and actual users, I believe we are on the cutting-edge of truly revolutionizing the immigration process — similar to how TurboTax transformed tax filing.

We know firsthand that the immigration process isn’t just about paperwork — it’s about people’s lives.

We recognize that the process can be overly complicated and applicants are left in the dark about how it works — and this why we are seeking to demystify it. By leveraging our patented technology, we are helping empower immigrant applicants step by step through the process and giving them transparency into the system.

With immigration reform on the horizon, there is undoubtedly a great need and a tremendous opportunity to help millions of people attain their dreams. Along with our dedicated Clearpath team, I’m looking forward to the challenge of helping transform our immigration system and streamline the process … one applicant at a time.

Felice Gorordo is CEO of Clearpath, a venture-backed tech company revolutionizing the immigration process - just as TurboTax transformed tax filing.

twitter: @fgorordo