Why Charcoal is the new favorite beauty ingredient


Black is now everybody’s favorite color when it comes to skin care. The hype around activated charcoal has placed the ingredient in facial masks, hair products, toothpaste or body cream. Dermatologists call it as the new detox ingredient that roots out the germs and bacteria beneath your skin.

Can charcoal make your face and body beautiful?

People use activated charcoal to bind or gather dirt and oil because the compound is light, porous, and highly absorbent of other chemical matters. Activated charcoal has been used in hospitals to treat people who are poisoned or those who have been intoxicated by drugs.

The beauty industry makes use of activated charcoal to care for individuals who have skin problems like acne, rashes, oily and tired-looking skin. Since it also has anti-aging and antibacterial properties

Dead Sea Mud Mask vs. Charcoal Mask

People often correlate the two, but each has its distinctive features. Both have been named as one of the major breakouts in the industry when it comes to skin care. Find out why here.

The Dead Sea Mud exfoliates and cleanses the grime, dirt, and toxins from the skin, leaving the skin looking soft and young. The ingredient is suitable for people with oily skin and those who have problems like acne, vitiligo, and psoriasis among many others. It is rich in minerals like potassium, iron, and magnesium to make skin healthy as well.

A Charcoal Mud Mask acts similarly to the Dead Sea Mud but incorporates other properties like absorbent. The ingredient is much more flexible and can be mixed with other substances to make toothpaste, soaps, shampoo, body scrubs and cream, and face wash.

There are some products in the market wherein they combine Dead Sea Mud with charcoal so that people can reap the benefits these major ingredients can offer.

How can activated charcoal be beneficial for you?

Dabbing a product or two on your body with activated charcoal as the main ingredient can have visible effects within days. It may not sound so stylish, but the ingredient can do wonders to you.

Here’s how charcoal can make you more beautiful and healthy-looking.

Treat oily skin:

Charcoal can take out excess oil on your face, leaving it soft and smooth by absorbing the compounds. And since it’s considered to be potent, many dermatologists suggest that one should use activated charcoal products once or twice a week.

Exfoliate the face:

While a lot of beauty products contain tiny faux beads to exfoliate your skin, charcoal has its natural grainy texture to scrub your body without harming the skin.

Cure acne:

Did you have a breakout? Charcoal can remove the oil and toxins beneath your skin and exfoliates dead skin cells, paving the way for a smooth, glowing skin. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties that can fight out acne breaks.

Unclog pores:

Activated charcoal can reduce your chances of having blackheads or whiteheads because it makes your pores smaller and a lot cleaner. It pulls out the deep-seated dirt and gently closes and oxidizes the pores.

Soothes skin irritation:

If you have a bug bite, sting, skin inflammation, or cuts, then activated charcoal in anti aging cream can help heal the irritants rapidly because it absorbs the infection.

Helps whiten teeth:

Who knew black could make your teeth whiter? It scrubs away the stains on your teeth from coffee, smoking, or active food colouring agents.

Cleanses and volumizes the scalp and hair:

Activated charcoals can deep-clean your scalp and helps rid of dandruff and oil. The ingredient will soothe scalp irritations caused by fungal or bacterial infections. Moreover, charcoal helps volumizes the hair.

Gets rid of odors:

Charcoal in deodorizers protects your underarms from generating fungal and bacterial infections that give off a bad smell and inflamed skin conditions.

You see now how charcoal can do wonders to your body. It is seemingly comparable to Dead Sea Mud Masks in colour and properties. The two are often named interchangeably, but there are properties of each that make them unique and different to one another.

It has provided beneficial results to people, to make them look younger, healthy, and beautiful. It won’t be long until science has found another use for this active ingredient!

Originally published at www.fgsource.com on July 18, 2017.