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Azkarra Streams : Create streaming microservices, based on Kafka Streams faster than ever before!

I am pleased to announce the release of Azkarra Streams 0.8. Azkarra has benefited from several internal optimizations since the last version. This new release includes some new features as well as some minor breaking changes of the public API.

What is Azkarra Streams ?

For readers that discover the framework: The Azkarra Streams project is dedicated to making the development of cloud-native streaming microservices based on Kafka Streams simple and fast!

I recommend you to check out these blog posts to discover all the many possibilities Azkarra has to offer:

Today, it’s easy to say that almost everything we do, everything we use, and even everything around us is capable of producing data. But what is even more true, is that this data is produced in real-time to describe something that is happening.

Therefore, it’s logical to think that data must be also harnessed in real-time to be able to extract the most value from it. …

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Photo by Ross Sokolovski on Unsplash

This is the third article in the “Streaming data into Kafka” series. In the first two, we saw how it’s fairly easy to use Kafka Connect to load records from CSV and XML files into Apache Kafka without writing a single line of code. For doing this, we have used the Kafka Connect FilePulse connector which packs with a lot of nice features to parse and transform data.

Now, let’s see how to integrate JSON data, another file format that is widely used on most projects (and much more appreciated than XML for web-based applications). …


Florian Hussonnois

Co-founder @Streamthoughts , Apache Kafka evangelist & Passionate Data Streaming Engineer, Confluent Kafka Community Catalyst.

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