There’s no way May won’t stay PM. But this is a feature not a bug!

Ferenc Huszar
Apr 21, 2017 · 2 min read

Many believe the U.K. general elections in June to be a futile exercise because the Tories will win no matter what. I think the implications are the quite the opposite: Theresa May almost certainly winning is precisely what makes voting much more interesting and unique! This is a feature, not a bug, of the snap elections. Why?

This gives you a chance to focus on the primary function of the general elections: electing MPs, your representatives who will vote to represent your views in the House of Commons. With the big picture being so uneven, you can now vote freely and safely without worrying about voting for a government you don’t want.

You vote to shape the House of Commons, not to shape the government.

For example, it’s actually safer than ever to vote for progressive/liberal parties even if you dislike Corbyn or Clegg as leaders, as there’s no chance they will become PM. Even if you think a party is too small or incompetent to govern, it doesn’t matter now. Individual representatives can turn out to be a pretty accurate emulator of your views when it comes to voting in parliament.

Your goal should be to have an emulator of yourself in the House of Commons. Someone who votes more or less the way you would on questions that are important to you.

You have to do more work this year

This also means that this time you have to do more homework. Whatever you know or think about party leaders is quite irrelevant. You have to get to know your local candidates and the views they will likely represent — and understand what they actually have to do.

TheyWorkForYou is a great tool to do this. Just spending ~2 hours browsing through this gave me more perspective than I ever had about our local MPs past and present. I was surprised some past MPs voted the way they did on certain issues, and I could tell them off for it on Twitter and ask about their reasoning.

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