2'1My ballot card and those of my colleagues for whom I am proxy

12 hours in 20 seconds — democracy by proxy

The Referendum took place today and it struck me that it was just a regular day like any other but a day on which so much change could be set in motion. The sun still came up and went down and it will do the same tomorrow but we could be living in a very different United Kingdom. This time laps captures 12 hours from my dining table and jam packs it into 20 seconds.

I cast my vote in the beautiful Glasgow City Chambers along with those of my colleagues working overseas for whom I act as proxy. Being proxy is a big responsibility especially when we have had so many votes in the last years and we do not align on some political issues in a personal capacity. but I feel really passionately that they should have their voices heard when they are working as UK Civil Servants at one of our Embassies, High Commissions or Consulates. You can find out more about proxy votes here.

Glasgow City Chambers Polling Station

Just as I am going to bed and we have passed midnight and the second Scottish result has come in from Clackmananshire (also known as the wee county). The first was from the Orkney archipelago. You can follow the results live as they come in on the BBC website:

Sunset in the Trongate on the day of the EU membership referendum— Glasgow

Supplemental – the very next day

What the papers said

The front pages from a day that looked set to reshape Europe are shown below. Fairly predictable set of splashes from the main outlets.

The Guardian

The Herald

The i

The Sun

The Daily Record

The Mirror

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