Mediocrity (for lack of a better title).

I committed myself into publishing a medium story once every week. What I hope to gain from this pledge is creative writing skills, the ability to express myself, grasp new concepts as I write — you know, the usual. But what exactly do I publish? What unshared aspects can I contribute?

Ever had déjà vu while browsing the internet? I certainly do. Everyone on Pinterest has a really cool DIY project that shames your own craft skills (speaking for myself 🙈). There’s so many “how to”, articles and beauty rituals, some amazing life hacks that repeatedly blow my mind. In fact, other day I stumbled upon several articles on the do’s and don’ts of getting over a break up- where were these years ago when I needed Google to give me emotional guidance?

I’m not saying that this type of content shouldn’t exist. I’m just upset that every topic I brainstorm and anticipate has already been published. I am pressuring myself into not posting anything mediocre. I don’t want this space to be just another webpage from someone dishing out advice on topics we’re all aware of but somehow seek constant reaffirmation so we can procrastinate our actions towards positive change.

So i’m going to be selfish and write purely from my own perspective. About things significant to me— because, how else do I escape mediocrity?

Be warned that my content will not always be educative or inspiring. I am goofy, random, nerdy, funny, bitchy and empathetic (I give all my traits a chance to shine every day). So expect a thought catalogue derived from my opinions. I promise I won’t show off an incredible DIY project that took weeks to accomplish but is labeled as effortless (yea, i’m not very crafty).

And incase you were wondering, yes, I have googled how to get over a break up 😂; but thats a story for another day.

Thank you for reading till the end. You’re my favorite 💛

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