Riding the Ubiq trade.

If you missed an early entry on Ethereum, which has been one of the greatest investment vehicles of the 2017, you may get a second chance here with Ubiq(UBQ).

Those Familiar with Red Hat Linux will probably know that it tests out its bleeding edge features on the public first, by offering a free version of the product called “Fedora Linux”. Once releases are fully stable it rolls them out to its institutional grade product called “Red Hat Enterprise Linux”.

Ubiq (UBQ) is operating in a similar fashion by offering a stable, enterprise-ready build of the Ethereum blockchain. This will allow larger organizations, who may fear the introduction of bleeding edge code into an enterprise environment, a ready alternative.

“The Ubiq network provides a stable blockchain to host an Ethereum Virtual Machine. With several more hard forks planned for ETH’s future, businesses wanting to implement applications on an Ethereum Virtual Machine would be subject to frequent updates and the the risk of instability associated with blockchain hard forks. The Ubiq development team’s commitment and focus on providing a stable and reliable platform, allows customers in finance and enterprise the ability to build today, without worrying about an uncertain tomorrow.” — Alex Serk

To make things better there was no ICO (initial coin offering) or pre-mine conducted on this project. The development team donated their time to the project so they only own coins purchased on exchange, or through mining. The Ubiq team is lead by Julian Yap, a code auditor for the Bittrex exchange.

The development team, communications & marketing are strong and I could write more but the chart is taking off as we speak. It has had quite a large run-up already with an initial burst to nearly 90,000 satoshi’s. But it then pulled back and after a tripple-tap to the lows, appears to be off higher again.

60M CHART — Triple-tap pullback to previous support/resistance:

UBQ Hourly Chart

1D CHART — Quite a run already, but I believe there is meat left on the bone:

UBQ Daily Chart

1H Chart UPDATE — Because this post originally went out June 7th, here is an update (with my buy areas included + a re-balance on my pay-day)

For a more detailed description please visit this post by “CryptoAddict” on Medium. I am a holder after riding the first wave, and I am holding for more.

I trade using Coinigy: https://www.coinigy.com/?r=f9527b0d

***Full Disclosure: I currently hold $BTC $XVG $ARK $UBQ $ETH $DGB $LSK $XLM $FCT $XMR. Trading cryptocurrencies is extremely risky and you may lose everything. Nothing I say is meant as financial advice. Please consult a financial professional before you invest.

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