Part 2: Meet Our Midwest Regional Members

Meet the Iowan FTTH Members at This Year’s Fiber for the New Economy Conference

Iowan fiber is booming! Check out these nine FTTH Council members and the powerful work that they are doing as fiber continues to dominate the future of broadband delivery. Each of these Iowan companies is driving economic development throughout their communities. Don’t miss the chance to meet them along with many other attendees from around the region at Fiber to the New Economy Conference in Downtown Minneapolis.

As we mentioned in last week’s Minnesotan spotlight, the conference’s entire economic development program — every session, every speaker — will concentrate on the relationship between advanced communications capabilities, economic development, and work creation. Experienced and talented presenters will provide useful, practical information that anyone can take home and put to use at once — including economic research, case histories, how-to materials, examples of what’s working and what’s not, lessons-learned, and invaluable insights.

For more information about the conference visit the Fiber for the New Economy homepage.

Alpine Communications

Alpine Communications just unveiled their newly designed, mobile-friendly website this month! In a recent survey, more than a quarter of Alpine customers responded that “the website was the best method of communication for them.” When customers talk, Alpine listens! Alpine is proud to provide a host of easy-access features for their customers. New features like a Manage My Voicemail web application, live Tech Support web chat, and a simple bundle builder make service a breeze.

Cedar Falls Utilities

Cedar Falls Utilities is committed to people power, both in the community and within the Cedar Falls Utility family. This August, they bid a fond farewell to Roger Kueter after twenty years of dedicated service on the Board of Trustees.

“I know that I am just one member of the team,” said Kueter. “Our employees are visible throughout the community and they do an outstanding job representing our organization and living out the values of CFU.”

Richard McAllister joined the board in his place last month. He’s excited to follow in Kueter’s beloved footsteps to ensure that the Cedar Falls Utilities future is bright. “CFU plays a key role in economic development in Cedar Falls by providing quality and reliable utility services at competitive rates,” said McAllister. “I would like to be a part of making sure that continues for decades to come.”

Citizens Mutual Telephone Cooperative

This summer, Citizens Mutual Telephone Cooperative has been hard at work getting fiber to the people of Pulaski, Iowa. When the project is complete, Citizens Mutual Telephone Cooperative will have gotten nearly ten miles of fiber to 95 million more customers! But wait, there’s more — they will also have enough fiber in Pulaski to serve the rest of the surrounding area! Thanks to the Citizens Mutual Telephone Cooperative, more Iowans can look forward to a fiber future.

ImOn Communications

ImOn Communications was recently named “Best Local Internet Service Provider” by the Corridor Business Journal for the sixth time!

“ImOn Communications is honored to receive this recognition for the 6th time from the Corridor Business Journal and its readers,” said Jeff Janssen, Vice President, Marketing and Sales. “ImOn is focused on building our network’s infrastructure in order to bring both residents and businesses in the corridor with reliable, high-speed Internet. We truly believe our one-of-a-kind service and people put us above the competition. Obviously, based on this award, that focus has paid off in the eyes of our customers and the communities we serve.”

That focus has paid off, indeed! From businesses to residential customers, people throughout the community know that they can expect award-winning service from ImOn Communications. That makes ImOn Communications a winner every day of the year.

Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities

This municipal utility giant is doing big things! Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities (IAMU), organized in 1947, is more than 540 members strong and is the largest organization of its kind in the United States. It represents power players from municipal electric, gas, water, stormwater, and broadband utilities across the state of Iowa.

Jefferson Telephone Company

Jefferson Telephone Company has proudly served its customers since 1891. They remain active and engaged in the Jefferson community today, with initiatives such as the Jefferson Telecom Directory Photo Contest and the Jefferson Telecom Awards Scholarships! This summer, Jefferson Telephone Company gave college scholarships to four lucky high school seniors from the community. Powering the town and empowering the next generation of Iowans — now that’s good business!

Muscatine Power and Water

Muscatine Power and Water started the Communications Utility in 1998, back when thrilling customers meant doubling the number of cable channels. This was a time when high-speed internet services meant a 768-kilobit connection. Since then the Utility has leaped into fiber technology and began offering gigabit speeds to residents with the goal of keeping Muscatine competitive and attractive to businesses and residents.

Within two years, Muscatine Power and Water will make Muscatine a “gigabit city,” allowing locals to reap the benefits of being on the short list of communities that offer the highest Internet speeds possible.

Walnut Communications

Walnut Communications is happy to offer the Walnut Communications Growing Communities grant program! Every year, Walnut Communications offers up to $10,000 for non-profit organizations across the eight communities that they serve: McClelland, Underwood, Neola, Persia, Minden, Shelby, Avoca and, of course, Walnut.

This year, the grants were awarded to the City of McLelland and to the Neola Fire Department! The City of McLelland plans to give their Main Street a flowery upgrade, and the Neola Fire Department plans to buy new, non-freezing winter gloves for their firefighters. On and off the grid, Walnut Communications continues to serve their customers well!

WesTel Systems

WesTel Systems marketing manager Dacia Bolton-Bates recently dazzled at a Usage Based Billing Strategy panel at NTCA’s Fall Conference in September. Usage based billing, according to Bolton-Bates, has been a positive move for WesTel Systems. “Only 2% to 6% of our customers go over their limit,” she said. “We’ve cut illegal downloads and we’ve cut customers from sharing their WiFi passwords with their neighbors.”

WesTel Systems is, of course, accustomed to impressing both customers and tech colleagues alike. Sharing its expertise on panels like the one in September is just one way that the WesTel Systems continues to contribute to the energy world!

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