Keeping Water Parks Looking Just Like New!

Water parks are a source of great delight for kids and adults alike. After all, who doesn’t love to whiz down a waterslide, undulate in the rippling wave pool or just splash around in the wading water! Excited whoops and gleeful yells ring all around especially in the hot summer months as this is one of the best ways to cool off.

However, operating and maintaining an aquatic park is another story altogether. The facilities and equipment demand constant monitoring and upkeep to keep them both attractive and safe.

Just thinking of all that can happen gives one a headache. Consider — maintaining water quality, repairing wear and tear, caulking gaps in joints, replacing damaged tubes, rafts and other components and what not. 
To add to this, the constant exposure to sunlight, humidity and water takes its toll on the waterslides, rides, poles and signs. The equipment loses its luster very soon and starts looking dull, faded and discolored. Some scratching and chipping is also inevitable.

Not only does this spoil the curb appeal, but the unattractive look can be decidedly distasteful for many a customers. In fact, most water park operators concur that their footfalls take a drastic fall when the slides start looking ‘old’! 
Regular waxing and buffing is sufficient to take care of the interior surfaces of the waterslides and other equipment. But what about the exterior? No amount of cleaning or scrubbing can get rid of the dull and used look. Regular replacement is obviously out of the question.

Painting is just not viable because it could look worse than when you started in less than a year, and the only way to fix a bad paint job is with more paint. So, how can you keep your water park looking bright and shiny for years to come?

What to do?
Waterslide restoration calls for something magical and our patented color restoration coating product is what will do the trick! It delivers on all counts — restoring the color to its original hue and shine and also protecting the substrate in the process.

The product can be applied effectively on various types of surfaces to form a protective and durable coating that can last for years. (Spot touchups are possible whenever required.) It manages to hide minor scratches and blemishes as well. To top it, as the price is not prohibitive it keeps the maintenance costs quite reasonable.

Once the original color is back on the exterior of the slides and rides, they will look just like new. With the waterslide restoration, the eager customers are back and cannot wait to enjoy the thrills in the water.

So, what’s stopping you from keeping your water park bright and shiny always? The sun will never manage to play spoilsport again!