Hi All,

Summer is here and we are seeing a very busy fall coming up. We hope to see you all out in the trenches or in the classroom.

One of the latest highlights for this year is our latest article published in the August edition of ISE magazine “Full Speed Ahead”. This one is actually part 2 that discusses the evolution of FTTx and what’s driving the new faster standards. Here’s the link to the digital edition: http://digital.isemag.com/august2016?j=652569&e=tim.yount@fiberinsight.com&l=14_HTML&u=13883079&mid=1349150&jb=23#&pageSet=29 .

If you would like to see part 1 (May edition), it covers current status of FTTx. What are the X’s and how do you compare them to FTTH. Here is the link: http://www.isemag.com/2016/05/full-speed-ahead/ .

In other news, we are planning our next CFCE certification course for October. Stay tuned for details.

And finally, we are in the final design stages of Version 2 of our Website. We hope to go live end of August. We can’t wait to share with you.

Enjoy the rest of the summer! And don’t forget to budget for ensuring you maintain a healthy fiber diet.

All the best,

Tim & Carla

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