The next OTT CONA & CFCE courses scheduled in greater Boston area.

Heads Up! We’re now booking seats for CONA (Certified Optical Network Associates) and CFCE (Certified Fiber Characterization Engineer) courses. They are five-day globally recognized certification courses developed by Optical Technology Training (OTT). Fiber Insight is approved by OTT to deliver these courses in North America.

CONA is a five-day optical network design course offered by Fiber Insight. It covers optical networks from sub-Gigabit/s (Gb/s) to 10 and 25 Gb/s, including single wavelength, CWDM and DWDM variants. Get more info on CONA here. This course starts end of February so, reserve your seat now.

CFCE is offered by Viavi Solutions (delivered by Fiber Insight). It’s a five-day intensive course and is a mix of theory and hands-on, covering all aspects of characterizing optical fiber infrastructure networks. Basic and advanced impairments and tests are covered in detail. Course starts early April. Get more info on CFCE here.

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