TIME Internet Malaysia

TM Unifi Promotion
TM Unifi has launched new Unifi packages last year. The older packages with the VIP 5, VIP 10, and VIP 20 are no longer available. With the new packages, TIME Broadband Advance Plan TMhas only two packages, one is with 30Mbps download speed and the other one is the 50Mbps download speed. With this new packages, the minimum download speed is 30Mbps with was much higher than the previous VIP 20 package. AllUnifi Advance Plan TMalso comes with IPTV service from HyppTV. Aside from getting the free HyppTV 25 channels, now the Unifi Advance Plan TMis offering the HyppTV Aneka or Varnam pack as a package that goes together with the fibre broadband service from TM. 
TM Unifi is offering great promotion with the all new TIME Broadband Malaysia. The latest TM Unifi promotion is as below. Unifi Advance Plan TM30Mbps package price is RM199/month, and currently there is a discount for all new subscribers. A new subscriber will get RM20 discount, making the Unifi package cost only for RM179 per month. And you will get HyppTV packs of Aneka Package or Varnam Package when you sign up for the Unifi Advance Plan TM. You can upgrade to better HyppTV package which is the Ruby Pack or the Jumbo Pack with an additional of RM10 and RM30 respectively. HyppTV jumbo pack has all TV channels inclusive of the Sports package. 
With the latest Unifi promotion, one will also get to enjoy HyppTV Everywhere for 2 devices for free. You can watch HyppTV channels anywhere you are once you are connected to the internet using the device given. The installation and activation which cost around RM200 is also available for free for all new subscribers. All equipment that are required for setting up the Unifi and HyppTV for your home is available for free. Subscribers also given a 500Mb of TM wifi each day. 
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