Alla Peters Offers A Solid Solution To Traders

Alla Peters is the developer of the Fibonacci Mastery Course and has been successfully teaching it to her students since 2011. She is passionate about the markets and the success of her students — join her at Fibonacci Trading Institute to see how you can benefit from her proprietary method.

Alla Peters has become quite a familiar name now because of her accomplishments with the Fibonacci Mastery Course. Her journey began in 2008 when she questioned why stocks were collapsing quite so dramatically — even with solid fundamentals. Having removed all of her technical indicators from the charts she decided to look purely at the correlation of price movement. It became evident that price was influenced by Identical Fibonacci Sequences and reacted significantly to Fibonacci Retracements levels. The accuracy of her findings with Fibonacci led to the development of the Fibonacci Method which has been actively taught to traders since 2011.

The Fibonacci Method

Alla Peters combined Price Action with Fibonacci to develop a highly accurate method of trading the markets. Fibonacci is the only naturally predictive tool in the market and the correlation between price and Fibonacci retracements provides the basis for trading with great accuracy. Alla created her own proprietary Fibonacci levels for even greater accuracy and can therefore:

· Determine key levels of support and resistance far in advance of current price

· Identify key Price Patterns for market entry.

· Combine both Price Patterns and Fibonacci levels for greater trading accuracy

Fibonacci Mastery Course

The Fibonacci Mastery Course is designed to help traders of all levels from beginner through to Hedge Fund Trader using the same proprietary techniques that were developed in 2008. The course offers:

· Online Live Classes teaching the method

· Guided Live S&P E-mini Fibonacci Trading Room

· Online Education Materials

· Psychology & Money Management Techniques

· Option of 16 week Private Mentoring or 8 week Group Session Education

The ability for a trader to have these options ensures that the trader can learn from a number of mediums and at their own pace. Many of the students master the fundamentals of the method very quickly and do not require the entire course length. Alla Peters demonstrates the Fibonacci Method in her Fibonacci Live Trading Room to show the accuracy of the method. Join her and see the power of Fibonacci in her Live Trading Room.

Special Features

The Fibonacci Method does contain a number of special features to assist any trader:

· A clear and concise methodology allowing no trader discrimination

· The Fibonacci Method uses no indicators whatsoever.

· The method can be traded on any instrument.

· The method can be traded on any timeframe.

· The method can be traded on any platform with basic charting capabilities.

· The method applies to any level of trader from beginner through to Hedge Fund Trader.

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