Are All Cupcakes Created Equal?

The line was a bit long the first time I went, but well worth the wait. Coming to BAW wasn’t my initial plan of action, but I was visiting DC for a few hours during my road trip to North Carolina and one of my little cousins insisted I bring her cupcakes from the famous “Georgetown Cupcakes” store. That line was ridiculously long. Stressed about how long I would have to stand for, I asked a lady standing in front of me if she knew any other places I could get cupcakes quicker being short of time. Her eyes lit up immediately.

“Oh yes! Is this your first time here?

Take my word for it, go to Baked and Wired, it’s by the canal. Amazing coffee, cupcakes, and other cute little desserts. Nice place to just sit down and relax too. In my opinion, their cupcakes are even better.” I’m a sucker for cool coffee spots and headed right over to see that that lady was absolutely right. I’m guessing the line was slightly shorter since the store is a single business rather than a chain, but it was definitely better.

I ordered a small latte, an “OMG” bar, a “Unicorn” cupcake, and a box of 4 assorted cupcakes to be packed up for my cousin. Had a pretty little design on the top of the foam too which made for a fun Instagram shot alongside my treats.

I took the first bite and literally said “OMG” out loud.

A thick and fluffy homemade marshmallow oozed in between my teeth, and a layer of what seemed to be a gourmet sugar cookie (tasting similar to Tate’s) all mixed together in my mouth to be what I insist is one of the greatest mix of flavors and textures I’ve ever indulged in. I bought a box of 10 more to go. The “Unicorn” cupcake consisted of vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting and rainbow sprinkles. The cake was soft and moist, the frosting creamy and buttery.

What could be better than a relaxing study spot with coffee and cupcakes only an order away?

However, my favorite part about the ambiance was actually the location of the place, which was right next to Georgetown canal. I took my coffee and treats to an outside table, and sat down with a view of the canal and a boat that sat in place, “Georgetown” engraved in the front. I could hear the stream as well which just made it all the more relaxing. It’s crazy how an experience such as a visit to a coffee and dessert shop can make you fall in love with a place so much. Since then I have been back to Georgetown numerous times just to visit this little cafe.

Georgetown Canal

Traveling builds experiences for your own personal map, one that holds good memories that you can share with others. I enjoy suggesting this place to friends who visit, and seeing their reactions to be just as happy as mine.

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