The knight who never was

Part 1 — The knight who never was found

Chapter 3 — Historian

“Hello, Dr. Aravi. It is been a very long time.”

“Yes, Dr. Mehran. It is always good to see you.” — I said while entering house of historian Dr. Mehran. Dr. Mehran is now in his 80’s and used to teach history at JNU College. He is most respected and most accredited historian we have. He is someone who can help me get to my answers fast.

“So you have a place?” — Dr. Mehran asked as he brings glass of water for me. He is now living all alone. His wife passed away recently. I do think he used to have a servant around.

“Thank you Sir. You shouldn’t have gone for trouble.” — I said while accepting water from his tray.

“Oh. No trouble at all. Nirmal has gone out for some grocery shopping. Even otherwise, once in awhile, I need to give my age old legs a good walk.” — Dr. Mehran says laughing out loud and ask with tease, “So tell me, what place you are going this time.”

“Well, I don’t have a name yet. I just have a few descriptions.” — I said placing glass of water on table and handing him the file I have charted for him.

“Humm. Let’s see.” — He picks up the file and starts to go through it. His eyes still fine and healthy, no glasses. “You have done your work.” — He looks at me and laughs.

“Well, as you know, it will take me a long time to find one. However, you have a few things to make my job a bit easier. Mountains, lakes, palaces and what not. You have a few descriptions of people’s habitat, their jobs, and their culture.”

“I know you will do a fine job at this. I trust you Dr. Mehran.”

“So when is your patient coming back?”

“Next week.”

“Update me with what more you can get.” — He looked at me with an assurance. “That next visit with your patient might be good if he gets more landscape to fill in the right place.”

“I sure will Sir. I hope to hear back from you soon.”

Just a day before Vikram was scheduled to meet. I got a call from Dr. Mehran. He voice is very deep. (Think of Amitabh Bachaan.) He speaks softly over phone. His voice, very calm and steady.

“Dr. Aravi. I did some searching back in time and I might have answer to the place you are looking for. This means, I might also have the time period which he is mentioning. However, as you know, unless we get more details, I can never be sure. This time, I have not 1 but 2 places for you. It is less than usual, but they are as mysterious as history has also been. The first time and place could be Sivaji era and place could be Torna. This is where many battles were fought. This place also has similar landscape as you have described. However, there is no mention of any modern war tools, so I assume, it was fought with other Indian kings and not with British. So this might be one of few early on battles. The next place I have is near modern Agra. Probably mogul era war. Fighting an invasion. The description matches just like previous one. However, I do have a third place. This one is ….”

I listened to Dr. Mehran. His voice still steady and deep. I couldn’t believe what he said at first.

“Thank you Dr. Mehran. I will get back to you after tomorrow.”

“I am looking forward for more landscapes if you find.” — Dr. Mehran hangs up.