The knight who never was

Part 1 — The knight who never was found

Chapter 2 — It all goes back

“Yes Vikram. Let’s begin.” — I switch on the recorder and start my hypnosis. It takes a bit longer than usual for him to go into trance state. This part was now getting easier for me. Day by day he is also getting familiar with the whole process. It seems in next few sessions he might be able to do it all by himself. Not that I have to worry about it. It makes my things a bit easier and gives me long time to work on his visions.

“Let me know what you see…..”

“I see…. I see…. A big corridor. Like a hallway.”

“Are you walking down the hallway?” — I asked. I shouldn’t have asked for it. I should have let him finish describing the whole thing to me. I don’t know why I asked it. This isn’t me. It might be my own curiosity to know what is it and how far we are from the truth. Honestly speaking, I, myself, don’t know truth all the time. It is my patient who will find it, discover it before me.

“No.” — Vikram said after a long pause breaking my thoughts. I am now falling back in my chair to listen more of him.

“It is a huge corridor. Torches all around filling it up with light. The riches of this place shines everywhere. I see guards all around. I see gold, silver, diamonds filling up each and every inch of this place. This place looks no less than a palace. Probably that is where I was. I touch my chest, the armor was not there.”

He still remembers the battlefield. Probably that’s why he is as curious as I am as to where and what is happening. It isn’t this long my patients have trouble identifying place and time. Yes! There are cases where it would take more than a few sessions to know the time and era of previous birth. In his case, it is taking fairly long. And may be that could be the reason why he looks all around describing utmost details to each and everything he sees, he feels.

“Ahh. My friend.” “You are taking quite a long time.”

“Going somewhere? Or forgot the way?”

A sound comes from my back. I am still trying to figure out what am I wearing, where am I, when this voice comes from behind. I know whose voice is it. It sounds very familiar. I am not turning around. Looks like I am not in good speaking terms with him. However, I do respect him.

“No, your highness. I am not lost. Just admiring the moon and its light.” — I said looking high up in sky though pillars of corridor.

“Ahh yes. It is indeed a beautiful night. It is full moon today. We have a big day tomorrow.”

“Yes. I should be going now.” — I said without even looking at him the whole time. My steps, now in hurry to go back to my room. I did not turn back to see him nor did I slow down.

“I….I…” — That was Vikram, in his trance state. Trying to form next set of pictures. Generally, in trance state one do not see each and every part of scene. They just get a glimpse of it. If ones memory is good enough of that particular time frame during his/her past life, one can see whole of it. This is why Vikram was struggling to see what’s next.

“Relax yourself Vikram. Breathe… just breathe. Remember, you are not living that time. You are just a witness of it. You can separate yourself from body. See what you are, see where you are. Just take a deep breath and relax yourself.” His breathing becomes slow. He is calm now. He is visualizing something.

“I am…. I am in a garden of a small house. I am 11 years old kid. I am forging iron. Making horse shoes. I see around and I see…… mother! She just came out of house with my favorite drink. I love her very much. I love her food. I always feel happy to see her. I am enjoying my food sitting under tree. Mother is sitting beside me. Father comes back from stable. He looks and me and tells me to be at stable for tending horses. I like my father, I do not like my work. I feel I am good with better things in life. He looks at me again and tells me to attend horses first and then I can do with whatever I keep doing. I do not understand much of his last part. Although, he knows that I do not like the kind of work he does. I might have told that to him before.”

Without any sound, without any stressful breathes, Vikram just wakes up from his sleep. There are very less occasions when a person wakes up in this way. It is not that there was no more to be seen; it could be because the whole scene was so emotional, so stressful that he couldn’t take it anymore and just wants to come out of it. Generally, these are signs I need to be looking for. I should make a note of it. Things that bothers us in past life may not bother us in this life….. Or they may be. I have to find out more with whatever I have got.

“I think we are done here Vikram. You can take a break.” — I told him while putting away my notes and stopping the recorder.

Vikram now stoods up from couch. He also knew that this session is not much helpful. He is looking for answers more than I am. He sits in chair, looking at me for some answers, if I have found any. I look at him, making myself seated in chair and glancing at my notes.

“We have made progress here. Things are looking better now. You are also describing in more detail and that is helping us now.” I lean back in my chair, “I am yet to formulate anything concrete. But from what it looks like, it appears that you were in a palace probably.” Nodding my head to show it was a good sign of detailed description. “Also, you were in a small house where you saw mother and father.”

“You are not at very good terms with your father.” — I said been more certain of it.

“Probably, we will have to find more about that later.” — This is where I give hints to my clients what to look for when they go in trance state.

“Looks like you were born probably in a humble house and then rose to occasion and you might be a commander of an army or a very accredited chief. We have a good thing to look forward too.” Vikram was sitting still in his seat. He looked a bit happy on hearing the progress, however his eyes, always easily readable, were showing signs of desperation for more information. I continued.

“I can tell that since you didn’t see any modern war machines out there, you are probably in a pre-British era.” — I said with some doubt. “Although, if you have spotted guns or tanks, we could be certain of timeline here.” — I didn’t want to elaborate it more. This was unusual for me too. I have never seen anyone whose past life jumps to more than 100–150 years back. Normally, past life would be just within 50–100 years ago. But in his case, it looks like more than that. Or probably it wasn’t. We just need to get more details of his past life next time.

“There is one thing which I would do now, is to sit with a historian and see if we can figure out the time era of your vision. The place you mentioned is somewhere in India, so it is easy for us to spot timeline based on battle description you mentioned.” — This part is easy now. Battles, wherever they were, are written down in history. So it will help me to get to some conclusion of it. Many of our generation have seen war or been in one during past life. Our country has gone through numerous wars and battles before. So it is only normal for a past life to have one. Vikram was still, what it looks like, in some past life of his. He is not transacting from one past life to another. Looks like his last past life still holds some very important keys to this life.

“Thanks doctor. It is good to know.” — He now leans to get up from his chair. He knows I am going to find more details and that would mean progress.

“I always feel good to be here.” He says with a smile.

I know that smile. It is sign of a relaxed person. It is one of those smile that shows freshness. Something we get when we wake up from a very deep sleep.

“I will let you know how it goes with historian.” — I told him just as he was exiting. “You are scheduled for next week, so I will have some answers by then.”

He nodded his head pleased and exited the room.