The Devil Gasped

Photo by Perfect Lazybones (Shutterstock)

Satan thumbed the remote control that managed the exhibition of the souls he owned. You scrolled across the screen and his ears piqued inattention. He stopped to watch you stalk her corners and his eyebrows rose in bewilderment. Your angelic eyes were the perfect front to hide the blackness of your heart; he’d seen the carnal damage you had left on others and pride swarmed inside the devil’s chest. She, however, this one was different, stronger, wiser — an old soul.

Satan knew the pressures she’d been dealt. For a lifetime he had thrown daggers at her. Many vital arteries had been hit; he was sure she would bleed out and give herself over. Perhaps, you would have reconsidered injecting yourself into her life had you seen the frustrated grimace on the devil’s red face every time she emerged from the deep struggles placed upon her. This girl was of the light and had the gift to rise above pain and suffering by finding the good hiding within her bleeding wounds. The devil had his crew of demons make popcorn and gather around in chairs. The lights were dimmed and the sound was turned up as most of Hell observed you swindle your way into her protected world.

Wonderment filled the fire lit room as they witnessed you charismatically weave into her gentle soul. When she opened a window, the demons danced in the fire; she was on the hook. They watched you dressing her up, making her feel safe, telling her how you cared for her, and how she could let her guard down because you were her safe place. You told her you understood where she was in her life and how she was hurting. Having been in the same place once in your own life, you offered words of wisdom. Many things were promised but the one she wanted the most was that you would be there for her when her walls would start to collapse. The trust she gave you and the way she adored you made the devil squeal in utter delight. She was eating the light you were feeding and finding freedom in being guided and held.

The demons cheered and drank rounds of shots every time she believed your lies but with brash intolerance, the devil hushed them. He was worried. This girl was different. She had the ability to remind you what true love felt like and then there was the other pure heart you were masticating on slowly, and another. Your appetite was as hearty as the lies you told. 
The devil knew what he created in you. He had taken love from you years previous and twisted the dagger a few years later to remind you how you belonged to him and the darkness. Fall into the devil’s arms, you did, while keeping your innocent demeanor — the perfect mask.

Every time you felt the trueness of the precious hearts you fed upon and felt her compassion, you started to waver. The devil jolted in anger, fearing the loss of your black soul to the light of her glow. However, his worries were soon dismantled when you dug yourself deeper and deeper into the depths of your wretchedly beautiful dishonesty.

The day your web began to grab ahold of you and restrict your flow of manipulation, Hell planned an all-hands gathering, a Martini and Cigar party of sorts. The devil, not having omnipotent powers of the light, could only watch from his fireside den, awaiting the grand finale.

There she was believing she was resting inside the embrace of your long and strong arms, feeling your fingers stroke her lovingly. She sent flowery messages telling you of how she hoped the flu you had suffered from would soon cease. The devil relished your flippant lack of empathy and sent trays of hors d’oeuvres around the room.

That’s when you did everything you promised you would not. Every lie and ploy of manipulation became clear to her bright eyes. Mental anguish roared through her head like an electric shock, leaving her lost and unsure. You whored and raped her soul while ripping apart her compassion that you told her was so dear. Everything she gave you, all of her, you destroyed. Then, as if you didn’t do enough grating damage, you drew your sword and cut her off at the knees by blaming her for all your actions, telling her she was the one hurting the other beautiful hearts, throwing acid in her wounds. Then, you left her there alone to bleed. Thrown away.

Hell fell silent, all eyes on the master.

The devil gasped at the vileness of your actions. His own stomach heaved at your wickedness. The creator of darkness, Satan himself, felt the pain you inflicted and was awestruck at your depravity. Then, he made a special place in Hell just for you. His erection, hard and dripping, thinking about all the ways he was going to fuck you, like all the ones you’ve fucked so dear.