Travelling always comes with learning and observing new things. And if travelling is accompanied by some group of people then such healthy activity teaches us a lot about management etc. It is not only the limitations of studies that teach us life but it’s the other healthy activities that help us to implement all that we have learnt .

A part other than indoor sessions and routine of traditional classes , out door activities are a way to refresh our mind and help us to implement the golden principles we have read like team management, time management , helping each other , handling situations etc.

Our mind cant work that way to be confined to traditional and typical stuff of education i.e classes and classes all around. It needs a break , it needs to breathe in nature apart other than those offices, universities .

From the daily hectic routine all of us being humans need a break for us to function properly and so our Batch fellows 40 at Amal academy decided to have an outdoor healthy activity that would help us to know each other more clearly and deeply . For a team to work it is so necessary to know each other and such activities have their own role.We therefore planned our hangout at fortress stadium Lahore two weeks ago.

Fortress Stadium Lahore
Bundu Khan ,Fortress Stadium Lahore

Amazingly it worked well. The idea to learn and manage each other with such a different activity was awesome. The most important thing we enjoyed was team work applies to all aspects of life , managing each other , respecting each others point of view and consent to visit places and is not only confined to complete a project or a task related to some kind of studies .

The important ingredient of a journey or travelling is a guide we have to consider a leader or a guide to help us plan , organize and manage all people and bring them to a platform. It is a skill and art to bring people at a single platform but it doesn’t end here . All members in a team are responsible even those who are being guided have their own special role. I was being guided in this outdoor activity and being guided along with guiding is also a step of learning as every part is a step to learn something new if we want . Being the follower or person who is guided needs to be an active listener and open minded person to accept that he has been guided my someone and this applies to all aspects of life as we are not that perfect to be a guide all the time .Sometimes we are learning to get there.

The lessons from the traveling teach us how to be responsible to take enough care of each of the passenger of our journey . The most important lesson to move along with others as all can move alone but moving with others require much .It was an application of leadership without authority but well managed by people . Everybody accomplished their responsibility’s and at end all managed to be united instead of being at any conflict.

Maintaining a balance is life is an essential part of mind . Our mind needs rest we are not robots Even a machine gets warm up quickly if work load is out of range . Being humans we are made to explore world , people , places to manage between our work places and refreshment of our mind.

For maintaining this balance we all need to take some break from our taxing routine and explore nature as nature has healing and refreshing power . One should keep on becoming a part of such healthy activities .

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