Pet Friendly Restaurants in Pune.

While some of us are lucky enough to spend all day at home with our pup, others get little precious special time with our furry friends. It should come as no surprise that no matter what your schedule is like, quality one-on-one time with your dog is super important. Today, as more and more people want to spend quality time with their pets, niche pet cafes are in fashion in the country, some of them even claim that they are ‘human-friendly’.

ere are some of the Cafes in Pune that are Pet Friendly.

1. The Flour Works, Viman Nagar.

When Meeta Makhecha started her restaurant, her neighbor would often drop in for a meal accompanied by his dog. Soon, other patrons followed suit and The Flour Works slowly gained the reputation of a place where your pet could tag along. The indoor section is off limits for pets, but it hardly matters considering the outdoor area is spacious and is usually the preferred zone.

2 . Café Joshua, Aundh.

You know the café has a special place for pets when it is named after the owner’s pet itself. Named after Sabyasachin Mittal’s Labrador Joshua, the café makes sure that your pet is as comfortable as you are. Don’t believe us? The café has a special menu, specially designed for dogs with specials like Hot Dogs, sugarless cakes and meals with no spice. They also have a few vegetarian options; in case your dog likes his/her share of greens like Joshua does. Apart from food, there are plenty of toys and other merchandise to keep your pet occupied while you sip on your coffee. Bowls with water are provided to all furry friends.

3. Where Else Café and Bar- Viman Nagar.

Tyson, the owner’s pit bull, and a regular visitor at the café was one of the biggest reasons for the café to adopt a pet-friendly stance. The owners could identify with the plight of other pet-lovers who had limited options to chill with their pets. The café has a special menu with items like Chicken Broth & Rice (Rs 205 for small portion and Rs 305 for a large portion) and beef- and chicken-flavored Choostix (Rs 30 onwards) to chew on, which is also beneficial for your dog’s teeth and gums. The café is segregated into an outdoor and indoor section, and the pets are only allowed in the outdoor area. Though they encourage their patrons to get all kind of pets — they have mostly only had canine visitors so far. They also plan on conducting a pet-adoption drive in the coming future.

4. Yogi Tree, Koregaon Park

If your dog doesn’t mind the occasional meowing, then this is a great place to bring him/her! Though afternoons might be too hot to manage, mornings and evenings are great for you and your pet to enjoy a meal together.

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