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As student attrition rates reach all-time highs across various learning communities, the need for a comprehensive and realistic solution to student engagement is of monumental importance. As program administrators, educators and the bright minds of “higher learning” scramble to find answers, students continue to disengage from their learning experiences at alarming rates. Money is poured into programs aimed at developing the appropriate retention strategies only to succumb to the harsh reality of student attrition.

So where do we start to find the right solution?

You start at the heart of it all, the reason most of us wanted to work in education in the first place.

You start with the students, because it is from them that we will learn best.

No voices speak to the reality of attrition better than the millions of voices of disengaged learners. These are what some of the voices are saying:

“The work is too hard.”

“The class is too boring.”

“How is this class going to help me in real life?”

“I have other more important things I could be doing.”

“I don’t have time for school, I need a job.”

“I need to support my family.”

“College is way too expensive.”

“I’m not a good fit here.”

… “I can’t do this.”

But who is really listening?

Learning experiences only become impactful when students feel as if they are a rooted in something important and valuable to them. To create this experience, the learning process needs to be molded to the individual student instead of the other way around. Meaningful relationships must be created along this learning path and individual determination can be nurtured by a network of people to help them stay on course.

Learning Relationship Management offers a scalable way to hear every learner, every time. This is not to say that technology should be relied on to create genuine relationships because it simply can’t. What it can do is to facilitate the necessary interactions to dynamically improve learning experiences. By pairing engaging learning content with a supportive network of coaches and mentors, LRM helps students develop personalized goals that create more opportunity for success.

This means that we are one step closer to student voices finally being heard, and answered.

By Luke Jubb

About Luke: A recent addition to the team and former mental health clinician, Luke Jubb has brought a passion and expertise to our team that is invaluable. He is a natural customer success advocate and truly has a gift for working with people.

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