Cheers to Beginnings

2015 is tough year for me, in all fields of my life weather it’s family, career, love life, social life its full of challenge but I’m thankful because I’m still standing here alive ! and i have overcome all that problems, and now its 2016 already, i know its gonna be a year full of blessing and positive vibes because there is so much things that I've learned in 2015 and i will keep it and used it to overcome the challenges that i will be facing in 2016.

If there is things that I've learned in 2015 its more on think outside the box, always focus on great things not on yourself, not on you’re failures or weaknesses just live, let the life passed by, The world will never stop spinning just because you’re grieving or mourning, not everything you prayed for will be yours accept it, Surely God have some better ideas for you.

The purpose of you’re life is in you, you’ve always know it, In my case after my graduation i start searching for it not knowing its right after my nose, I realized that there is no small opportunities or small blessings it was always the way you see it, you’re perspective towards life, so if you want change start in the way you think.

I just wanna thank my family my friends who always makes me smile especially in the days where my lola was died, its was a heartbreak that no one can explain but i know now that lola is happy now and full of life in heaven.

Not all you’re friends are you’re friends and not all you love, loves you back that is life its not always on you’re side but there is one person who always on you’re side and always loves you back and that is God.

2015 is tough but I’m thankful because it thought many things many realizations that i will keep forever in my heart :)

Cheers to new beginnings !


HELLO 2016 !!! ❤