We describe the origins of the omnibus custody model in traditional finance and explore how and why digital asset custodians apply the omnibus model to securing customer assets.

By Ria Bhutoria, Director of Research

The key management process is an important component of digital asset custody that clients should evaluate…

We look to notable data and developments that capture investment and use of the network to explore Bitcoin’s position today and future potential.

By Ria Bhutoria, Director of Research

As we begin the new year (and decade) and Bitcoin’s twelfth year in existence, we reflect on the maturation of infrastructure…

We’re setting the standard for institutional-level services for digital asset investors

We’re bringing professional financial standards to digital assets. From the security and risk management of our custody offering to our world-class client service, we’ve created the blueprint for institutional-grade standards for the digital assets industry.

We believe that we…

The market for digital assets has evolved dramatically since the release of Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin white paper ten years ago.

From Bitcoin’s origins as a peer-to-peer system of value transfer to the development of smart contracts and countless other blockchain applications, cryptography-based digital assets have become one of the most…

The emergence of digital assets, such as bitcoin, signals a fundamental change in the way value is transferred globally.

The concepts of money and value transfer have been evolving since primitive societies adopted shells and stones for monetary exchange, but the concept of digital money has been sought after for…

Fidelity Digital Assets

Institutional Solutions for a new asset class. https://www.fidelitydigitalassets.com

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