So far we have made remarkable progress on our project thanks to our community,our community is growing rapidly.We have started working on the use case and product of our token FDT. right now we are working on the next part of our road map to get FDT listed on many exchanges as possible,this is to enable everyone around the world to have access to the token.

The team has made some changes to our road map and are still adding more info regarding plans we have discuss so far to add to the growth of our project and once we’re done checking everything and see that it’s in line, we will update it with the current one we have on our website. …

Please find all the information you need with regard to our token supply, distribution, and token sale here below.

Token Supply

The total supply of Fidelity Token is 20,000,000 with a circulating supply of 15,000,000. Token reserved for private sale 2,500,000.

Token Sale

The token sale will start Tuesday 01/09/20. The rate is $0.5 per FDT and the total allocation is 400 ETH (approx. hard cap of $160K). All unsold tokens would be given as a reward during our AMA session.


Public Sale Personal Cap: Min. contribution of $50 and max. contribution of $1,000.

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Fidelity Token

FIDELITY TOKEN is a decentralized utility token under ethereum BlockChain with the aim to provide users full control of their funds.

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