Understanding our sexual mind

I feel as human beings we need to spend more time in understanding our sexual lives. We are being constantly bombarded with sexual imagery and are becoming slaves to sexual fantasies. How can there be peace on the planet when there is no consideration for understanding our own sexual behaviors?

Men and women on our planet are living with anxieties about their love/sex confusions. At the same time, the sexual energy for men is leaking. Why? Because the fanciful imagination has become a constant storification with which we feed our minds for constant conscious or unconscious entertainment. Sexual fantasies are occurring with such frequencies that many men cannot sit down for even 2 minutes without them. When there is a constant input of energy into sexual dimension of our mind, it obviously manifests as movement of energy in the physical body too. This causes a triggered state which is waiting to erupt at the first instance of fulfillment of a particular sexual desire/fantasy ( or even the imagined fulfillment). In India, this triggered state is causing men to act weird and there are numerous instances of sex related crimes, perversions and attitudes.

What needs to be clearly understood is that our unchecked sexual energies cause us to move. They make us do things. They make us take actions which we may or may not want to actually pursue. But since many do not find appropriate outlet for expressing such energies, many suffer from mental agony which manifests as unconscious actions. Behaviors change, attitudes change, couples fight, singles suffer in frustrations and anxieties. For some this goes on for years and years!! And i have seen many couples fighting and lost in sexual confusions with each other. If sex stops happening the way it used to, they feel that there is no love. They stop caring for each other, they start cheating and stop talking to each other for years. This is why there are rarely happy couples, mostly failed arrangements/compromises. Unless one makes efforts and spends some time in actually understanding their own sexual patterns, their is no way we can have peace on this planet.

Unchecked unconscious movement causes us misery and suffering. Our bodies swell, our lives become sick. By creating awareness about our energies we can eliminate our suffering or at least become less robotic in our approach to life. Endlessly seeking the same game has made us kind of sexual zombies who are hungry inside and seeking bodies outside.

When i first started understanding my own sexual mind, i was shocked at the frequency at which such thoughts occurred. Over the last four years, i have meditated every single day on this. Money and time allowed me to travel and explore numerous sexual situations. It has allowed me to explore the sexual dimension of my mind and the movement of energies within my body. With increasing awareness of myself i have grown as a human being in my life.

But even before i entered into this dimension i meditated for months trying to understand the nature of my mind alone. Which obviously helped me to approach this sensibly. I have met amazing friends and lovers in this journey so far. But how is growth ascertained in this dimension? It is clearly by not letting manifest every stupid unwanted sexual thought into actuality. By not letting the mind constantly play any game or create any story to get laid with someone. Essential understanding for me came from increasing awareness of thoughts and allowing things to happen naturallly. I have had great encounters, average encounters, poor encounters and all kinds of funny experiences too.

In many situations i failed, and this happened mostly when i let my sexual mind go into unrestricted storification. Sometimes i found that if i am with an unexpectedly hot person, or in an excruciatingly long foreplay, i succumbed and release quickly because of the intense build up of energies due to the storification already enjoyed. By repeatedly checking my awareness of the sexual patterns i became more and more aware of my sexual energy. This allowed me to remain alert for even the possibilities where unwanted sexual imagery may play in the mind.This has greatly changed my experience with female energy. And i feel complete in myself. But obviously i am still practicing. Today i can confidently say that i have grown as a person because i have been able to spend a lot of time understanding this dimension of my life and i really hope that in India we become a little more open each day in understanding ourselves.

In India, we have no sex education in schools, can you believe this?, We are in 2017!! The age of internet and in India talking about sex is still a taboo. The problem is becoming seeded early in the life when such a crucial aspect is not introduced through proper education. Most of the sex education is passed on through within friends or through few educated parents to their kids and through television, cinema and internet. Also, people hesitate talking about their sexual lives because of various ‘labels’ that they will be put into if they become open about their lives even within close friends/groups. How can we have people with healthier or happy lives when they are constantly living in a state of challenge/anxiety to experience or express their sexuality? I wish more people would spend time in understanding their own nature rather than being unconscious slaves to anything.