fidentiaX Token Sale Guide

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What is fidentiaX?

Here’s our introduction video.

In co-operation with Blockchain Zoo, fidentiaX is building a blockchain-powered marketplace that will tokenize existing insurance policies to turn them into easily tradable instruments in a market that brings together life insurance policyholders, investment managers, and private individuals who want to gain access to this alternative asset class.

The marketplace will be a membership-based ecosystem that will come with the following features: a policy ledger, your personal digital ledger of all your insurance policies, a marketplace for the purchase of tradable policies, a custodian service, and a portfolio builder service.

Watch this video illustration on how it works.

When will I be able to use fidentiaX Marketplace?

The fidentiaX marketplace platform slated to be launched in February 2018.

What is the token utility for FDX Token?

Utility 1 — Membership

fidentiaX is a membership-based platform whereby users need to be a member to access the range of services available on the platform. The annual membership fees shall be payable via FdX tokens and any token collected will be consumed.

This would effectively decrease the total float of fdX in the market.

For example:

fidentiaX’s marketplace has 200,000 users and each membership is set at 20 FdX tokens per annual. A total of 4,000,000 will be consumed that year. This will reduce the total float by approximately 3%*

*assuming 100% of the tokens were distributed during CTC.

Utility 2 — Member’s Auction

fidentiaX will hold an exclusive auction for FdX token holders whereby policy will be put up for auction at a significant discount off the cash value.

For example:

fidentiaX list an endowment policy with cash value of $100,000 at 25% discount, i.e. $75,000. Holders of FdX tokens would then be able to place a bid on the policy using FdX tokens. The successful bidder would walk away with a substantial discount for a real-world asset which he could put up for sale in our marketplace.

Utility 3 — Exchange for Platform Unified Token (ISX)

Transactions on the fidentiaX platform will be conducted with a platform unified token (ISX) for better management of forex risk and risk management (Anti-Money Laundering). fidentiaX will hold an exclusive and limited sale for FdX token holders, giving them the opportunity to purchase ISX tokens at a discount. ISX tokens are pegged to US$1.

When will fidentiaX hold the Token Sale?

November 6th, 01:00 UTC

How do I participate in Token Sale?

First, you must be on the whitelist. Please register.

The Token Sale will happen on our website FDX tokens will be generated via smart contracts to the individuals on our whitelist.

What is exchange rate of FDX token?

Contribution exchange rate is 1 ETH = 500 FDX tokens. Bonus Tokens will be accorded for the first 5 days of token sale:

During Day 1 to Day 2 of Token Sale — 15% bonus of FDX tokens (1 ETH = 575 FDX)

During Day 3 to Day 5 of Token Sale— 10% bonus of FDX tokens (1 ETH = 550 FDX).

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