Introducing ISLEY — Your Insurance Buddy

fidentiaX proudly presents ISLEY — Your Insurance Buddy, a blockchain powered digital ledger for your insurance policies.

Are you facing challenges in managing your insurance portfolio?

Unsure of the different insurance coverage you have?

Missed out on insurance premium payment?

Concerned about how your love ones can locate your insurance policies if an mortality event occurs?

Fret not, ISLEY is here to assist you!

Here are some of the key features of ISLEY:

· Upload your policies in confidence with Blockchain Technology

· 360° Overview of your insurance portfolio

· Provide a summary of your insurance portfolio to your administrators (love ones) to act upon a mortality event.

· Get instant notification on your insurance premium payment and maturing policies.

· News and updates on the insurance industry.

· Intermediaries module for Advisors/Agents to assist in updating information.

This is fidentiaX soft-launch of ISLEY’s infohub functionalities (Andorid version, iOS version would be out in a couple of weeks) while the full-feature ISLEY will be officially launch by end of November 2018.

ISLEY will be integrated with fidentiaX’s marketplace for storage of tradable policies purchased via the platform. Policyholders could “send” the stored policy directly to fidentiaX’s marketplace for sale.

Inconjunction with the soft launch, we will be running a “BOOST ME” campaign with fantastic prizes for the early-birds and promoters.

Campaign Details

Duration: 25th Aug to 30th Nov 2018

Get yourself “Boosted up” the ranks by referring your friends to download the app and to key in your “boost” code!

At the end of the competition, the top 100 will stand to win the following: