ISLEY — Your Insurance Buddy v1.1

We are close to launching ISLEY — Your Insurance Buddy v1.1! The current version of ISLEY 1.0 is currently available on Android and will be followed by iOS. ISLEY v1.0 is an information hub consisting of comprehensive insurance-related articles, news of the insurance industry and fidentiaX related updates.


We believe that development and marketing come hand in hand. fidentiaX has been invited to speak at regional conferences on blockchain and insurance-related topics and we are proud to say we have started to build a reputation for ourselves. In the past 6 months alone, we have been invited to 7 speaking events and conferences.

On the development front, the team has been working hard on the development of ISLEY — Your Insurance Buddy v1.1. We have created a workgroup of trusted insurance advisors and veterans to test the beta version. And have taken some of their valuable feedback to enhance the functionalities of ISLEY — Your Insurance Buddy v1.1 and its future versions.


Here is a glimpse of what you can expect from the release of ISLEY — Your Insurance Buddy v1.1!

Signing up for an account is extremely simple. You have 3 options to sign up for an account on ISLEY; Email, Facebook or Google.

With ISLEY — Your Insurance Buddy v1.1, you will be able to digitise your Life and General insurance policy and manage them within the palm of your hand. Create a digital portfolio of all the insurance policies that you hold by digitising your policies.

For this release, you will be able to digitise Singapore issued policies only. Here is the types of policies that you can digitise;

3 simple ways to digitise your policy
a) Upload or take a photo of your policy
b) Upload a PDF copy your policy
c) Manual entry of your policy information

Reasons you need to download ISLEY — Your Insurance Buddy
With all your policy information uploaded, ISLEY will generate a portfolio of your insurance policies. You will be able to see a summary of your different coverages (Death/ Total Permanent Disability and Critical Illness) and get detailed policy information within a glance. With ISLEY, you will no longer be in a situation where you are unable to locate your hard copy insurance policies in times of need.

At fidentiaX, we are creating an insurance ecosystem to benefit users and to help policy owners with their insurance policies. We want to be more than a marketplace for tradable insurance to match willing buyers to willing sellers who for certain reasons (financial constraints, change of needs etc) have to sell their policy in the open market. We envision the fidentiaX and ISLEY brand to be synonymous with anything related to insurance. And ISLEY — Your Insurance Buddy V1.1 will be a step closer to achieving that.