Trading & Airdrop Campaign with

Apr 13, 2018 · 2 min read

fidentiaX will be conducting our first ever Trading + Airdrop campaign with The trading campaign will take place from April 16th 2018 to May 15th 2018.

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Campaign Mechanics

A pool of 400,000 tokens is up for grabs!
The TOP 50 Volume Traders of fdX will split the pool accordingly:
Top 10 split 30% of the pool (120,000 fdX)
Next 10 split 25% (100,000 fdX)
Next 10 split 20% (80,000 fdX)
Next 10 split 15% (60,000 fdX)
Next 10 split 10% (40,000 fdX)

Total volume is calculated as the combined amount of tokens traded (bought and sold).

Example: Trader A bought 100,000 fdX and subsequently sold 20,000 fdX before buying another 50,000 fdX. His total volume would be:

Buy Trade: 100,000 fdX

Sell Trade: 20,000 fdX

Buy Trade: 50,000 fdX

Total Volume: 170,000 fdX

2. 5K HODLer Airdrop Campaign

There will be an airdrop of 200 fdX to all users hodling 5000 or more fdX at the end of the trading campaign (15th May, 2359 Singapore Time)

Don’t have an account on yet? Sign-up @ or

“Ask Me Anything” AMA

A Facebook live AMA featuring Alvin Ang (CEO of fidentiaX) will be hosted by Rune (Co-founder of on 23rd of April at 7PM (GMT+8). Details and URL will be shared with the community via telegram and our social media channels.






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