by Daf Prys

This is not a post about some unwritten rule among our comic creators:

‘The first rule of comics is: no one talks about comics!’

No it’s nothing like that, it’s more chilling than that. I went to the MoPop museum in Seattle where there’s a big Marvel exhibit going on: the history, the art and whatnot. but there was one section that really caught my eye: it was a brief overview of the 1954 comics code.

A year has passed since Dafydd Prys moved to Seattle in the United States to collaborate with native teams to develop a video game based on Welsh mythology. He has recently returned to Wales to start work on the second part of the process: to build the game and raise funds. He has a few things to say about his experience (see the Welsh-language version here).

I’m writing this 12 hours after stepping off the plane and mere minutes alighting the tortuous London to Aberystwyth train, therefore things are a little rough here. I will however jump straight in and…

Fideo 8

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