Q&A with the Product Designer behind ‘the world’s simplest fidget toy’

Dominic Lee Campbell, 25, is the Founder of Fidgetry, a London-based start-up that designs innovative fidget toys to enhance concentration and relieve stress.

Here, we hear from the product designer about the behind-the-scenes of his latest product, the Fidget Flipper.

What made you decide to start Fidgetry?

Fidgeting is a common habit that many people do, and it can have certain benefits. But I found that there is a lack of diversity in the tools to facilitate different fidgeting habits. After all, people fidget in different ways. I wanted to create something that would accommodate all these differences, with a wide range of satisfying fidget toys. And hence, Fidgetry was born.

What were your first steps in setting it up and getting your first product out there?

I began designing my first product, the Spinet, while still working full-time for a product design company in London. Eventually, when I became confident enough about the idea and product, I started working on the Spinet full-time, perfecting the design and going through a number of prototypes to ensure that it was what I wanted it to be. After a lot of back and forth, the Spinet was ready for manufacture.

The brand name was also something that was on my mind during this time. I wanted to make sure that the name clearly portrayed what the company did. From a lot of brainstorming, Fidgetry emerged.

After the Spinet, what made you transition into producing the Fidget Flipper?

Fidget spinners had begun to flood the market, and while it was fun to be part of the buzz, I wanted to transition into making something completely unique. And I wanted to begin with something simple.

The Fidget Flipper is a simple, discrete solution to the common, and somewhat annoying, problem of continuously clicking your pen. I was excited to tackle a fidgeting problem that plays such an evident role in most people’s lives, whether they’re students losing concentration in class or employees trying to stay focused during a meeting.

What was the design process for the Fidget Flipper?

As with all my designs, the Fidget Flipper started with a sketch in my notepad. The majority of my design process was trial and error as I attempted to get the correct “popping” shape. This meant that there was also a lot of back and forth with prototypes to perfect the design.

What sets the Fidget Flipper apart from other fidgeting toys in the market at the moment?

The beauty of the Fidget Flipper is that, for such a simple product, it has a good range of different fidget functions. You can pop it, click it, roll it, flick it, whereas other affordable fidget toys usually only have one fidget function.

It’s also suitable for everyone. Most people think fidget toys are only for children, but the Fidget Flipper is for pretty much anyone who uses a pen! If people are looking for a simple and affordable fidget toy, the Fidget Flipper is perfect.

What sort of response have you received so far?

Majority of it has been positive. However some people just don’t “get” the fidgeting concept and that’s where you do get some critics. But you can’t please everyone after all!

Pledge to the Fidget Flipper Kickstarter campaign here, and follow Fidgetry on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date with their journey.

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