If only both sides would actually read the Bible instead of cite out of context phrases.
Dallas Dunlap

First off, I can’t get over “christians” that think that their religion should permeate into government and society at every turn. Be it abortion, gay right, sex, drugs — their religious views somehow should be leading the views of the government.

Until it comes to helping the poor or downtrodden. Then suddenly, one of the main tenets of their religion has no place at all in our democracy! Taxes to help the poor? Tut tut, you see what Jesus was really saying was that it’s only individuals that should help poor, not through the redistribution of wealth! Sheesh! Religion has no place in our taxation plans gang! BUT OMG ABORTION ABORTION ABORTION!!!!

Hypocrites. Every one of them.

And, then, I love how supposed “christians” are super concerned about (WARNING CODED PHRASE COMING) redistribution of wealth ONLY if someone somewhere poor is getting any of that redistribution. Because again guys, Jesus didn’t mandate redistribution of wealth for the poor!

But, redistributing wealth to the ultra wealthy — then super cool with them! If it’s redistributing it to farmers — awesome! If it’s redistributing it to corporations — cool. Israel — HELL YES!

Today’s “christians”, like Dallas Dunlap here, are frauds and hypocrites of the highest order. They use Jesus as little more than a prop to serve their personal biases and discrimination. They have nothing whatsoever to do with the Jesus I learned about growing up. They are concerned about little else other than mandating the morals they cherry pick from the bible that end up as basically “I got mine, Fuck you”

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