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Caleb Lytton-Jean

It’s less about pro fetus, and more about controlling women. They live in a world where punishing women for being a filthy whore that can’t keep her legs shut is the point here. You’ve nailed it— if children and precious lives are TRULY as important as they pretend, then pre natal support, post birth support, health insurance, etc etc would be huge priorities for these people. It’s not. At all. They simply don’t care. And, honestly, while I’d still disagree with them, if they actually were consistent and were against abortion but for all the support, etc to improve children’s lives, I’d at least respect them.

And, ultimately, that’s where the truth comes out. They don’t care about babies or people or little children. They want to project their religious views on people — and at the end of the sex that’s not for the sole purpose of procreation is a sin. Hell, it’s THE sin. And, all the bluster is little more than wanting to force their religious views on the rest of us. It’s why these animals scream at women to keep their legs closed. It’s why these human trash yell and slut shame women at abortion clinics.

They want to force their religion on people, they want laws to follow their religion.

Basically, they want Sharia Law, just a “christian” version of it.