Continuum Analytics Manages Professional Service Work with Fieldbook

Continuum Analytics provides data management and analytics tools to help people “discover, analyze, and collaborate by connecting their curiosity and experience with any data.”

We talked to Jeanie McClellen, who is responsible for tracking team member availability and assignments for their professional services work:

“A massive spreadsheet”

Continuum needed a better way to track their professional services work. “Previously, we were in a massive Excel spreadsheet,” said Jeanie. “When you updated one sheet, you’d have to update several others as well, or it wasn’t consistent. You never knew if you were looking at the most up-to-date information.”

A better way

In Fieldbook, they can easily track clients, employees, and assignments. It’s also easy for them to create reports that total hours by employee, by client or by project. “We’re able to distribute these to the project managment team and the whole staff, so they can see who’s working on what and for how many hours each week.”

Jeanie McClellen, Director of Culture, Continuum Analytics

Life with Fieldbook

Getting started was “a piece of cake. It didn’t take long at all before I understood basically how it worked. One of the things we really like is how we can make a change to the data in one place, and it automatically updates in all other views.”

At first Continuum was just tracking their client project work, but “now the entire company is on Fieldbook, so we can see where everyone is at any given time.”

Get started tracking clients and projects

Use this template based on Continuum’s resource tracking book:
Professional services template