Fieldbook users, customers, and fans,

We’re sad to announce that Fieldbook is shutting down.

Our last day online will be Friday, June 15, 2018. After that, Fieldbook won’t be available, either on the web or via API, and any content in it will no longer be accessible.

We know that some of you have come to rely on us heavily, and that transitioning won’t be easy. We’re committed to making this as good an experience as is possible under the circumstances.


Fieldbook is free for all users effective immediately.

Fieldbook is an information tool that lets anyone create a database, as easily as a spreadsheet. Our aim has always been to be more user-friendly than any database and more developer-friendly than any spreadsheet. Today we just got a lot more developer-friendly, with the launch of Fieldbook Codelets.

What’s a Codelet?

A codelet is a snippet of code you upload to a Fieldbook that creates a new API endpoint for the book. You can send HTTP requests to this endpoint, and your code generates the response.

In just a few minutes and a couple dozen lines of code, Codelets let you:

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Data Analysis & Results, Inc. is a project management and operations consulting firm founded in 1985. For the last several months, their distributed sales team has been using Fieldbook to track leads and coordinate.

A central place to put information

Before Fieldbook, Data Analysis had leads in “a mixture of Google Contacts, Outlook, and a bunch of spreadsheets,” says Darrel Raynor, founder & CEO. “We had over 100 files with contacts languishing in them… we’re still cleaning them up.”

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Darrel Raynor, Founder & CEO, Data Analysis & Results, Inc.

“Fieldbook has given us a central place to put stuff. It’s simple and easy. You don’t have to follow the complicated process a CRM gives you: from call to lead to prospect to contact… sales reps won’t do that. …



Fieldbook lets anyone create a database, as easily as a spreadsheet.

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