ARIS goes to Italy for inspiration!

Photo by Prawee Nonthapun used under Creative Commons license.

It’s no surprise that members of the ARIS community are being nominated for International awards! We’re so excited to send David and Sarah to Italy to be part of an awards ceremony for the INVOLEN European Location Based Games competition. Of course, ARIS was a perfect platform to build games for a project like this!

INVOLEN is an innovative project promoting intergenerational learning through games, targeting nature conservation volunteers in 5 European countries (Italy, Greece, France, Hungary and Slovenia). This year, they held a competition, calling for entries from all five countries.

Some of the shortlisted projects used ARIS. And we know of at least one winning game from Italy that used ARIS. We’re looking forward to meeting the programmers and project designers next month. Follow our trip on Instagram!

Anyone who knows David will know how much he loves wood fired pizza — He’s even built a pizza oven in his backyard… Think we can get him to design an ARIS pizza game in Italy while they are there?