Anne Lynn Gillian Daniels and Dane Morgan from MRSEC turn a Science Lab into a Game called Atom Touch

AtomTouch is a molecular simulation app, created through a partnership between UW MRSEC and Field Day Lab. It allows learners to explore principles of thermodynamics and molecular dynamics in an tactile, exploratory way. The simulation was developed to help students understand the structures and attributes of particles at the molecular level, providing real-time feedback and responding to students’ actions.

We developed this in partnership with molecular dynamics simulation expert Dane Morgan, UW MRSEC education director Ann Lynn Gillian-Daniel, and had the support of a MRSEC seed grant.

We have been using this in classrooms with middle school kids to teach them about atoms. You can get AtomTouch at the AppStore for IOS and Android. Want to play online? Check it out!

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