Investigate Your Community with Field Day!

Community-Based Investigations workshop

Date: Friday, October 9th

Time: 8:30 AM — 5:30 PM (Also, please join us for a complimentary dinner afterward)

Where: Madison, Wisconsin

Who should attend? community-based educators, community organizers, K-12 teachers (all subject areas), museum educators.

Cost: Free

Join the FIELD DAY LAB for a hands-on workshop where you will learn about digital and analog tools, activities, and frameworks you can use to design community-based learning experiences for, and with, your students. The field-based workshop, which will take place in the Willy Street Neighborhood in Madison, will include visits with local artists, businesses, and organizations.

WHAT IS PLACE-BASED EDUCATION? Place-based education emphasizes the study of local natural and cultural environments and systems. It immerses learners in nearby places and engages them in doing original research tied to local people, places, and issues. It can involve learning about local history by conducting oral interviews or documenting historic buildings, studying urban planning by redesigning a neighborhood park, or celebrating everyday expressive culture by documenting and highlighting local artisans.


  • Learn about mobile technologies and activities you can use to engage students in studying local people, places, and issues.
  • Learn how to use place-based teaching and learning throughout the curriculum.
  • Learn about tools your students can use to help them document and represent their own communities.
  • Connect with other educators interested in place-based education.
  • Learn about additional place-based learning resources (e.g., organizations, books, curricular resources, etc.)


Place-based Learning Resources:

Wisconsin Teachers of Local Culture

Dane County Cultural Tour

Local Learning: National Network for Folk Arts in Education

Promise of Place: Enriching Lives Through Place-based Education