Prompt #3
Janice Pang

Part I

Not yet. Which is why I wish there was some form of course that taught ethics in the Economics department because professional and ethical responsibility is the foundation to the broad education necessary to understand the impact of economic solutions in a global, and societal context. Embracing an understanding of designing human focused solutions maximizes utility for all, which is after all one of the main focuses of Economics. Here’s an article that applies the applies Papanek vision:

Part II

By employing local labor, Papanek’s television set creates association with Africa citizens — similar to how America has the famous “MADE IN THE USA” motto. This association can spark a community that embraces locally made goods to go on and venture in to other untapped markets further empowering its first-adopters as a whole. Besides possible entrepreneurial efforts, Papanek’s TV set is a hub of knowledge ready to provide education to it’s users at the click of a button.