So its being quite a ride through September, it was a journey of self discovery, but so is everyday, Learning never stops cause life never stops teaching.

I have being doing things very different from what I planned for, well that just life confirming its self as a Russian roulette (just wanted to put that there/ from Russian roulette by lil Wayne).

You know, I might have just discovered that I am a book, made up of books I read, music I listen to, videos I watch, and an individuals I interact with.

Well despite the ups and downs which feel like they will be be the usual, I have adapted.

  • Think always
  • Stress relief or management
  • Decide after considering
  • Balance the big and small picture
  • Draw the information
  • No judging, you are not my guardian
  • Everyday is a 24hrs countdown

1. Think always.

Yes, think.

I know the feeling of not thinking is very relaxing, and there is the burden of overthinking.

so I started the month not thinking whenever possible, life was very easy going, anxiety was a foreign thing and all was cool, until I had to realize not thinking means; I don’t have what I think I have, basically I couldn’t judge things right,

Man, it was rudely sobering now I think always, even till overthinking, cause now I have and know what I say I know, man I have to tell you not thinking makes your brain lazy, but lazy is fun and also really expensive, and you lose guard.

Thinking a lot causes a lot of stress, which definitely not good, you know, self control is almost impossible with high level of stress, I do what I wouldn’t do normally, my will goes down as my stress increases,

man games, videos, novels, cooking e.t.c. a lot of recommendations, do not reduce my stress so just I lay down and when I am about to do something wrong, all I have to do is to stand, to give self control a chance.

Stand, while standing you kind of support your will up, so keep it up till the urge passes or you run out of energy, indeed, I am not happy with how I currently build up stress so, am still looking for a means of stress relief that works for me.

3. Decide after consideration.

I make a lot of choices every day, so then, I have to evaluate the effects of my options, think about the;

  • best case scenario
  • worst case scenario
  • most probable scenario
  • life going rouge scenario .

after all, I kind of make my choice, stick to it and evaluate what could have made it better, it isn’t always a victory or a loss, just normal.

well, normal, that’s good.

3. Balance the big and small picture.

On checking, I am detail oriented, which I call being small picture minded, that is, I prefer focusing on the current and perfecting it, a little error, completely unsettles me,

however, I learnt that there is a big picture which is focusing only on the end goals and not the process itself, and I have to consider the big picture,

so, after my research a balance of both pictures are recommend for the best case productivity.

4. Draw the information.

There is a lot of information, a lot of things to consider in little time, I have discovered that drawing, instead of writing is simplifies the info, you can draw in different ways:

  • break the picture in to basic shapes
  • first draw the outline and fine detail latter
  • take note of the interaction between the light and the shadow.

6. NO judging.

Every one has a different set of morals,

I have learnt to be open minded, understanding and re-evaluating my stand, cause a lot of people cause me trouble as they go about doing what is okay with them and not okay with me, so i have found my peace, we are all special and unique,

I am not responsible for you, neither are you for me, what ever you do is your choice you can differentiate between good and bad, also don’t expect anyone to judge me, you are not my guardian, as am not yours.

7. Everyday is a 24hr countdown.

Ever gone a whole day without a major event?

It’s like that stuff, time, just vanishes,

I woke up by 8:00 am one day and I had this thought 8 hours have passed and I haven’t used it, not done anything and, I have 16hrs left damn, that’s not good,

Time files, but realizing that it is a countdown everyday changes things