— I’m tucking it into my heart ❤
Fierce, wow, thank you for this — the Coffee series is close to my heart and it’s been such a gift…
marika bianca

❤️❤️another great line.

Ok I’m starting a list of great lines!

“I’m tucking it into my heart”

“Totally exposed, she lay naked in the page”

You know memes? Like a picture with a quote? My email is fierceforcealways@gmail.com

I love designing memes- I did these inspired by and for Joel.

I have a vision of you laid out on a bed, not naked, but I’m something that aligns with the idea, hair sprawled out- surrounded by stacks of paper and pens. If you can get anyone to take a picture of you that way, or even a selfie, email me and I’ll make one for you!

By the way — side note… how hott is Joel Leon. ? His, body, face, mind, and his words? All sizzle!

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