Don’t be the sucker who takes the bait.
Troll in the Family

A Troll, A Mama-Bear, and A Tribe who has your Back.


Meg this story is very good! Possibly hard for you to think about, but thanks for sharing! I like how you took your own personal story, yet positioned it in a way that any writer on here could translate into their own situation. Your last line is on point! It drew me to you for a moment as I seek clarity on a situation now that a few days have passed.

Last Saturday September 2nd I woke to a nasty troll on my Medium notificatons. I had barely slept as my creative juices seem to have made me nocturnal recently. Thank you very much for the claps, they were affirming.

I’m seeking advice using this situation as an example and going through it and growing through it, learning lessons. I emailed Glorious Editorial Staff, Terijo and Indira Reddy and you Amiga are the other person I wanted to reach out to.

This was new and a learning experience for me I think in order to not get unhinged in the future. I had a bunch of trolls back in the trump election months but that was it. My latino lover bff says I have to get used to it, they are everywhere. It’s part of life being out there on the internet. I need to make sure I don’t let stuff like this get to me, I need to be able to let it go.

99% of the time follow a mantra I learned and used during my divorce a lot.

Sometimes the best response is no response.

But I couldnt. I absolutely could not NOT respond. Even while I typed furiously, the whole time I was saying to myself “I shouldn’t be doing this, I shouldn’t be doing this”.

My fear was that -I have encouraged young fresh new medium writers coming from very dark places, to peel off their armor — and write through their layers of vulnerably and truth, exposed. I’ve assured these readers and writers that Medium is a safe safe place with unconditional love. I would die if someone like this Troll went to town on their one of their stories. I got very mama-bear and wanted to put a thick warm blanket over our tribe; then bust out my claws and roar and swing my arms.

This man — I picture a Trump loving 68 year old batchelor who sends dick picks to women thinking they would want that. Ugh. Depending on how one looks at it, fortunately, or unfortunately, I gave him exactly what he wanted. He took my resonse and ran with it. He got so off from me coming back to him and engaging I’m sure he had to be jerking off while he read my words. I thought I could delete his stories but I cant even though they are responses to me.

But- as I always say the universe gives us lessons. If we learn then we move on. If we don’t learn then we will be given the lesson again. So today I learned my lesson and you can be sure that the next time I will stick with my “the best response is no response”. I think?! That was my insticnt. Although I did get a few responses from women affirming what I did. Oh how I loved this! I am curious though to see what you all have to say.

What’s was annoying was after I wrote that morning, I was getting notified that he wastagging me in new stories! Since I blocked him I wasn’t about to read them. Its best that way though. The dude had nothing better to do, sigh.

My kids are great on weekends sleeping in! It was a gorgeous day. Oh how I appreciated the sunshine so much this past weekend post Harvey. And, I am just so dang into my writing and ideas that are being birthed right now, I have such alignment with the universe. It’s exciting. I’m enjoyed me weekend nights, creativity washing over me. One of my daugthers was beside me in bed, sleeping like a mini goddess angel. Her breathing was just so consistent. It was dark out still. I rested my head back down on my pillow and thought of Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic. I thought of all the ideas gestating in the past month. I tought of what a miracle it is how blessed my last five weeks have been post manifesting. I’ve been so open and I’ve been receiving so much positive. I decided I certainly was not going to allow a little constrast to ruin my weekend.

The moonlight shining though my window felt magical. I chose to go back to dream land with presence and stillness on my mind. Right after I wrote “Trolling” (haha).

Hmmmm ok I feel a little better already. Writing makes me process. But Meg — you know trolls. What advice do you have for those of us following behind you in writing, naked on the page?

Much Love —

Be Fierce 💃

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