Confused…. I did. That’s what mine was in response to?
Kate Holly-Clark

Ahhhh haha ignore me!! I read this late last night and now I remember I saw it because of the link in the comments to my prompt. We all slept in today (so needed) and today I was so moved re-reading it at as a stand alone piece. I didn’t see any association with the prompt so I actually thought to myself wow that’s wild she wrote about Silence the same week as all the Silence poems!!! Hahaha. Ignore me!

I adore what you wrote and I hear you! Every line resonates! Great job! Thank you for participating.

For future if you want to… associate your stand alone poem back to Chalkboard. That way people know what inspired you, and it gives Chalkboard more eyes and ears and hopefully more participants.

Here is examples of how I do it… many times I’m inspired to go over 30 words so I’ll write somewhere else but still associate it back to Chalkboard.

Thanks so much and have a great day. I really like your piece! I hope to see more!

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